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Published on June 4, 2013 by in Quad Insurance

Quad bikes are available in two different specifications; road-legal and off-road. Whilst the specifications of the bikes differ, they do have one thing in common which is the fact that they need quad bike insurance.

Road Legal Quads

All vehicles must have valid insurance to be able to travel on UK roads and quad bikes are no exception. Not only is this for the safety of you and your quad bike, but for other road users also. As a result of this, Third Party Only is the lowest level of cover available to legally insurance your quad bike with; this cover the repairs and compensation of any third party in the event of an accident which is caused by you.

Off-Road Quads

There is no legal requirement to insure an off-road quad bike which is used on private land, but it is advisable to take out some protection in case of accidents, fire or theft.

Did you know that approximately £5m worth of quad bikes are stolen every year and not recovered? If this happened to your quad, could you afford to replace it? Having insurance against theft takes the worry out of this dilemma as you would receive compensation for your stolen quad so that you could replace it quickly and easily, without being out of pocket.

Fire is a real threat to any vehicle powered by petrol, including quads. Whether fire begins as an engine malfunction, the quad is in a garage which is aflame or even attacked by arsonists, losing your quad in this way would be devastating. The only way to protect you against total loss is to take out a quad bike insurance policy which includes cover for fire damage.

Off-road and road-legal quad insurance packages are bespoke in nature as they are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. The premium of the packages is determined very much by the circumstances of the driver including age and number of previous driving convictions, as well as they type of bike including modifications and intended use i.e. road-legal or not.

If you own a quad and need a quad bike insurance quote, contact us on 0800 440 2838 today. Our friendly expert staff are waiting to take your call.

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