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Road Legal Quad Bike Laws

Published on July 8, 2013 by in Quad Insurance

Quad bikes were originally designed to be used in off-road situations; they are an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). However, it is becoming increasingly common for people to want to take their quads on to public roads, whether this is for pleasure, a way of commuting or simply to get from A to B. There are a number of regulations that quad bikes must adhere to if they are to be deemed road legal.

Firstly, your quad must be registered with the DVLA and you are in possession of the V5 log book; in order for this to happen you must have number plates which are displayed to legal standards on your quad. As with any road-going vehicle, quads must have a valid tax disc displayed and pass an MOT if it is more than three years old. To pass the MOT, your quad must have the minimum safety specification and features such as indicators, speedometer, lights and mirrors.

In order to ride your quad bike on roads, you must have a Full Driving Licence. Please be aware that a motorbike license is not sufficient to ride quads legally. You will also need an adequate quad bike insurance policy which, like all other road legal vehicles, must offer at least third party cover.

If you are intending to carry a passenger then ensure that your quad is designed for twin use. This means that they need their own seat and foot pegs as well as the quad being calibrated to take the weight of two people. You may be surprised to learn that neither drivers nor passengers are required to wear any protective clothing or even a helmet, although this is strongly advised for your own safety.

If you are considering investing a road legal quad bike, then you must insure it adequately. Here at Falcon we offer competitive quad bike insurance prices and are a leading company in this type of insurance. Call us today on 0800 221 8272 or fill in our online form for a free no obligation quad insurance quote.

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