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Quad bike insurance is a necessary outlay for all quad owners, regardless of whether you intend to take it on the road or simply on private land. The difference is that insurance is a legal requirement for road-going quads, whilst it is simply a good idea for off-road quads.

Quad insurance premiums are usually very reasonable, but there are always things that you can do to reduce the cost; we have compiled a list of money saving tips for your quad bike insurance policy to help you do this.

Firstly, it is important to realise that insurance companies calculate their premiums largely on how much risk you as a driver and the type of vehicle pose in terms of probability of making a claim. Therefore, reducing the element of rick will reduce your premium; here is how you can do it.

1) Garage Your Quad

When your quad is not being used it can be argued that it is at its most vulnerable. This is because over £5m worth of quads are stolen each year in the UK whilst they are lying idle. Therefore, keeping your quad bike in a locked garage when it is not needed will reduce the risk of it being stolen when compared with the risk to it if left outside unattended. This is because it will be more difficult for thieves to access the quad, particularly without being discovered; perhaps potential thieves will not even be aware that there is a quad in the garage at all. Either way, this reduction of risk will lower your quad bike insurance premium significantly.

2) Secure Your Quad

As well as being kept in a garage, it is a good idea to invest in extra security features for your quad when it is not in use. Examples of such security measures include ground anchors and security chains. Making your quad more difficult to steal reduces risk and your insurance premium.

3) Clean License

Your atv insurance company will assess your ability as a driver/rider when taking into account your insurance premium. If you have previous motoring convictions on your license then you will be considered as a high risk driver which will increase your insurance premiums. However, if you have a clean driving license then your premium will be at a lower rate as you will be viewed as a lower risk to the insurance provider.

4) Low Mileage

The more miles that you do on your quad, the more likely it is that you will at some point be involved in an accident where you will need to make a claim. Therefore, limiting your mileage will reduce this likelihood and associated risks, reducing the cost of quad insurance.

As well as risk, administration fees add to the overall premium price of your quad insurance policy; however, there is a way in which you can reduce these.

5) Online Quad Insurance

If you organise your quad bike insurance online, then you are doing a lot of the administrative work yourself i.e. entering all of your personal details, NCB details, information on the quad specification etc. This limits costs for the insurance company and is the reason why many quad insurers will offer a substantial discount for online policies.

There are many things that you can do to help lower the cost of quad insurance, making it more affordable. When you need a quad bike insurance quote, contact us at Falcon on 0800 440 2878 or fill in our online form today.

Quad bikes were originally designed to be used in off-road situations; they are an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). However, it is becoming increasingly common for people to want to take their quads on to public roads, whether this is for pleasure, a way of commuting or simply to get from A to B. There are a number of regulations that quad bikes must adhere to if they are to be deemed road legal.

Firstly, your quad must be registered with the DVLA and you are in possession of the V5 log book; in order for this to happen you must have number plates which are displayed to legal standards on your quad. As with any road-going vehicle, quads must have a valid tax disc displayed and pass an MOT if it is more than three years old. To pass the MOT, your quad must have the minimum safety specification and features such as indicators, speedometer, lights and mirrors.

In order to ride your quad bike on roads, you must have a Full Driving Licence. Please be aware that a motorbike license is not sufficient to ride quads legally. You will also need an adequate quad bike insurance policy which, like all other road legal vehicles, must offer at least third party cover.

If you are intending to carry a passenger then ensure that your quad is designed for twin use. This means that they need their own seat and foot pegs as well as the quad being calibrated to take the weight of two people. You may be surprised to learn that neither drivers nor passengers are required to wear any protective clothing or even a helmet, although this is strongly advised for your own safety.

If you are considering investing a road legal quad bike, then you must insure it adequately. Here at Falcon we offer competitive quad bike insurance prices and are a leading company in this type of insurance. Call us today on 0121 679 7260 or fill in our online form for a free no obligation quad insurance quote.

Purchasing a quad is a proud achievement for most owners, however paying for the insurance on it is not such an exciting prospect. Insurance is a legal requirement if you are going to take your quad bike on to public highways, therefore it is compulsory. Whilst it is a necessary expense, there are steps that you can take to reduce this cost; here are 10 ways in which you can lower quad bike insurance premium.

Invest in Quad Security

The safer you can make your quad whilst it is not in use, the less likely it is that it will be stolen. Therefore, securing your quad using ground anchors and chains, as well as installing an alarm, will reduce your overall insurance costs.

Store in Garage

It is advisable to keep your quad bike in a locked garage overnight and when it is not in use to reduce the opportunity for it to be stolen. As this creates a reduced amount of risk of you claiming on your quad insurance policy, the insurer will reduce your premium as standard.

Online Insurance

Arranging insurance online can be a quick and easy way to reduce the premium price. This is because you are doing a lot of the ground work in terms of entering your details and that of your quad which means that a member of the insurance staff does not have to take time to complete this task. This means that administration fees are reduced resulting in a smaller premium for you.

Clean License

Insurance premiums are calculated by insurers based upon risk; the risk that the vehicle poses as well as the risk that the rider/driver poses. This means that if you have a clean license with no previous motoring convictions, you are viewed as a smaller threat than if you have points on your license, therefore decreasing your premium.

Type of Quad Bike Insurance

There are 3 main levels of quad cover available; Third Party Only, Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft. Whilst it is advisable to have the top-level of Comprehensive cover, there are cheaper options open to you which offer enough cover to make your quad legal on public roads.

Minimise Modifications

Modifications can make quad bikes more powerful or handle differently, which in turn makes them potentially more of a hazard on the road. Therefore if you can minimise mods, or refrain from modifying the quad altogether, your insurance premium will be lower.

Young Drivers/Riders

Young drivers are considered to be more of a liability than older ones due to lack of experience; this increased liability will increase quad bike insurance. Whilst this is an unavoidable situation, you at least can be prepared for the increased premium rather than it coming as a shock.

No Claims Bonus (NCB)

If you have built up a NCB, this is an indication to the insurer that you are a careful and considerate driver. The fact that you have not had an accident for a period of time makes you less of a liability in the eyes of the insurer, and your insurance premium will reflect this fact.

Low Mileage

The fewer miles that you complete on the road, the less time you are vulnerable to being involved in an accident. For this reason, quad bike insurance companies are able to offer lower premiums to riders who cover a limited amount of miles annually.

High Excess

The majority of quad insurance policies require an excess amount to be agreed; this is the amount you will be required to pay in the event of a claim. If you agree to take on a higher excess, this will reduce your annual premium for two reasons. The first is that with a high excess, you are less likely to make claims for small amounts; the second is if a claim is made, you will be paying a higher proportion of the total outlay required by the insurance company, making their costs smaller. Having a high excess is a good idea in terms of keeping premiums at a minimum as long as you are prepared for a potentially large bill in the event of a collision or claim of any kind. If you can follow all, or at least a few of these money-saving tips, then you will see a significant reduction in your quad bike insurance quote. For more information or a free quote, contact us today on 0121 679 7260

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